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The head of the importers division praises the efforts to save energy and deal with the file of slums and infrastructure

These are proposals for economic and community support.

Imad Kenawy, a member of the Board of Directors of the Cairo Chamber and head of the Importers Division, praised the provision of all types of energy and the export of excess after the shortage would have represented a crisis, pointing to the great efforts to confront the phenomenon of slums and transfer citizens to housing that expresses the human right to housing and the adoption of a strategic project for roads and bridges and Tunnels on the scale of the entire republic and has become a topic of conversation in the world in terms of development and development.

(Kenawy) referred to the modernization of the railways (rails, tractors, and wagons) and it became worthy of the history of this great country.

Health campaigns were adopted, one of the results of which was that Egypt was free of hepatitis C patients, and many waiting lists were eliminated.

(Kenawy) pointed to the economic loophole in crossing the new republic, saying (the monetary crisis from the depreciation of the pound, the increase in some prices, and the management of the dollar).

Therefore, we seek to preserve the great successes that have been achieved in the way of crossing the new republic.

About the solutions and recommendations, qanawi stressed the importance of getting rid of the International Monetary Fund by starting to pay its debts, putting an end to its interventions, informing it about all the arteries of the Egyptian economy, issuing periodic reports on the Egyptian economy, directing investors and adopting production policies as an alternative to the savings policy and gradually lowering interest rates to reduce financing costs and the Egyptian people should unite with the government with the political leadership to fully cross over to a new republic in which everyone will enjoy Security and safety, production and operation, fair income and the ability to live a decent life for all citizens.

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