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New Cairo Chamber President Reveals Features of Board of Directors’ Plan to Launch New Economic, Community and Administrative Services

  • Ayman Ashry: The government is making great and tremendous efforts to provide goods and secure their stocks to control the market
  • Increasing coordination with the concerned authorities, supporting the various commercial divisions, and providing goods to control the market among the most important file
  • Benefiting from all the opinions and suggestions of the heads and members of the commercial divisions and continuous periodic meetings to support our Chamber
  • Specialized quality committees in all directions to discuss topics and ways of development and development
  • Informal trade is a file that deserves to be re-examined and discussed to include it in the formal economy
  • Special support for small, medium and micro enterprises in the Chamber for their development
  • Special preparations to support citizens socially during the seasons. And welcome schools exhibition soon with the lowest prices for study tools.

Interview: Faisal Abdel Ati

In the first interview with the new president of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce Ayman Ashry, after his presidency of the Chamber in the 2023-2027 session, the “House of Merchants” revealed the features of the Chamber’s Board of Directors’ plan, which included the target of launching new and advanced economic, community and administrative services during the next phase.

To the text of the interview…….

  1. At the outset, talk to us about the initial features of the vision of the Chamber’s Board of Directors for the coming period?

Of course, with the beginning of this Council’s assumption of this session, we will seek to provide new and advanced economic, community and administrative services, and we will be keen that this session has new achievements for the members of our Chamber and our national economy,especially in light of the fact that the chambers of commerce represent the broad base of the national economy of small, medium and micro enterprises, and by the way, we pledged in the new council to work as one integrated team roles to achieve specific goals, including: the state’s orientations in economic and societal roles and the interests of our affiliates in various activities.

2. A new council with a new vision and ambitions How do you see the coming period of the Cairo Commercial Street specifically?

We have a thought and vision that includes economic, community, medical and various services that benefit the Egyptian merchant and develop his activities, especially digital services, which have become the language of the times now, and the members of the new board of directors have a diversity of thought for various activities, and this will benefit our members in the chamber in addition to the current services, and we will seek to take advantage of all the capabilities in the board and the heads and members of the commercial divisions in various activities, I see great and respected personalities and statures included in the Council, whether the members who were present in the previous session or the new members of the Council, as well as the heads and members of the commercial divisions, and God willing, we will all be in addition to each other, the important thing is that the interest of our Chamber and the interest of our country will be the first place in our work during the coming period, and we will benefit from all the experiences and youth elements in the Cairo Chamber in order to achieve new achievements for the members of the Chamber.

3. How do you see the importance of unifying ideas and visions between the Chamber’s Board of Directors and members of the commercial divisions to achieve real development and development?

Indeed, we believe in the idea of cooperation and discussion of all proposals on the ground, so there will be great coordination with the commercial divisions of the Chamber, and holding periodic meetings to discuss all their problems, proposals and current and future vision, Most importantly, we join hands in developing proposals and a vision for the next stage through which we can provide modern and modern services at the economic, societal and administrative levels, especially in light of the state’s directions to implement the digital transformation system and financial inclusion.

4. After the formation of the Board of Directors and the Bureau of the Cairo Chamber, what are the first files and decisions that will be on the table of the Council at its first meeting?

There are many topics for discussion based on the vision and demands of the Chamber’s employees in various activities, and among the important files is the file of demands and proposals of our affiliates in various activities, as well as the file of the availability of goods and their follow-up in the market, and increasing their stock in coordination with the various concerned authorities, and there will be several specialized committees, each committee is concerned with a specific file and topic and in all different directions Including committees for taxes, customs, insurance, club, digital transformation, coordination committees with various divisions, crisis management, market follow-up, development, external relations and all trends), We will benefit from all our members in order to achieve the goal of our Chamber and bring it to the international chambers.

5. How do you see the government’s efforts in providing goods and their stocks to control the market?

The state has recently made tremendous efforts to ensure the stability of the market by providing goods and increasing their supply, in addition to the efforts made by the chambers of commerce, in particular the Cairo Chamber, to organize commodity exhibitions in seasons such as the month of Ramadan, holidays and school years to support citizens socially, and such exhibitions are useful for the trader and manufacturer also by discharging their products by promoting the commercial movement.

6. What about coordination with other chambers?

This matter is extremely important, not only the chambers of commerce, but all economic institutions, there must be coordination and completion of roles and benefit from all experiences, because this is in the interest of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, and then for all its affiliates, in the end in the interest of the general economy, We at the Cairo Chamber are ready to cooperate with everyone, as we represent the largest chamber of commerce, as the number of our members exceeds 630,000 in various activities and services.

7.We return again to the importance of supporting the activities of the Chamber, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, will periodic meetings be organized with the commercial divisions to know their visions, ideas and the latest developments in their activities?

This matter we will focus on very significantly, and there will be continuous and periodic meetings grouped and separate for each sector separately, the most important in the end is to collect all opinions and proposals related to the current and future period at the development level for all activities, Coordination will be made with all concerned authorities to discuss all topics and problems and seek appropriate solutions to them at the general level for the qualitative commercial divisions, while at the level of small, medium and micro enterprises will have special attention because they need real support and assistance in order to develop, develop and expand them in order to be among the projects supporting the national economy.

8. What about the informal trade file on the table of the Chamber’s new board of directors?

you talked about one of the most important files currently on the scene, and therefore it will have special importance in the Board of Directors in the new session in coordination with the various concerned authorities in order to include this trade in the formal economy and benefit its owners from all the services of the Chamber at the insurance and medical levels and legalize the conditions that modify their trade and make it official that benefits them and the state.

9.Finally, how is the Cairo Chamber preparing for the new academic season?

We are currently preparing to organize the( Ahlan Schools exhibition) to support citizens with school supplies, whether “study tools – clothes – shoes – all the goods needed by the Egyptian family during the school year” at reduced prices, because they are financially subsidized by the room, and therefore the price will be reduced as a result of the supply of goods from factories directly to the consumer without any intermediate rings almost at cost price to reduce the burden on citizens in light of the entry of the new school season and will be within days to announce the date of the exhibition in coordination with the concerned authorities.

See you and wait for us in the next dialogue we will discuss another figure from the Board of Directors of the Chamber.

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